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Today, I will explain the basics of touch/no touch type of trades. How this kind of options get priced, when to make trades, what condition is most profitable for you. provides Touch/No Touch options in almost all assets. In case for Forex you can trade for hourly touch/no touch trades.

Minimum bet time for this is one hour.

Maximum acceptable barrier range is 15 pips from the current price. It get changed sometimes along with the volatility. For maximum acceptable barrier range you can receive maximum profits like 200% on your bet. Great isn’t it. Playing odds.

Touch No touch

Look in the above trade, they are paying 200% returns on that bet. On current EURUSD chart, market was in downtrend, but at that point of time it was correcting


Means in general sense, if you are sure that trend is down & market will touch that level, then you can earn 200% on your bet.

Depending on the bet barrier, pricing changes. You can check the pricing on pricing table below the bet area. It will be helpful for you to decide. Which timing to choose for the best return.

Price Table

Basic theory is playing the odds gives you highest returns.

Odds 1


But you can also play with the less returns bet too. For example, in above picture, if you are sure that market is going to stay up. Then you can place a no touch bet with low returns cause in that case probability is high. Vice Versa for the downtrend. In short you can trade both break out & trend continuation with binary touch/no touch options.

How It Do

When market is in strong uptrend, you can place bet on lower area, where market will not touch or higher area where market could touch.
When market is about to reverse, you can play the odd trades with highest returns.

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